Monday, 20 May 2013

Grimm continued

final storyboard

The last of the rough final stills.

I have tried to upload my animatic but cannot seem to get it working!

Last Shot - Pitch

Pre Production for Last Short Pitch

 For the pitch project we had to come up with either a Tv series or a short film idea and create a pitch for it. My idea was based on a fable like story of hunting. Here is the pre production research and development I went through in order to make my final pitch.


After the research and character I moved onto environment. From doing this pitch project and the collaboration project I have found I truly enjoy doing background and environmental work much more than character based work. This has surprised me as many dread doing backgrounds, or find it boring, but I have found out of the two projects that was when I was at my happiest and most it's a nice surprise! Here are the backgrounds I did for my pitch.


This was more of an insitu type background. I used this for an insitu and opening to my pitch as it frames all the information I need without looking too busy. It is also keeping the feel I want for the forest as a calm place, almost like a calm before the storm of the hunt.

Out of all the backgrounds this was my favourite to do. I managed the composition, and it was the busiest out of all the backgrounds I had done so far. I learned how useful going over everything in just greys can help further through the process as it helps decide lighting and you can quickly see what works and doesn't work. It also speeds up the colouring process; as I am still learning each time and have a very long way to go, I am not the fastest at producing these so learning tricks like this was very helpful! One of the hardest parts with my environments on this project has been to keep the consistency of the grass. When I did the first background I was experimenting and learning so trying to replicate a "one off" for me time and time again was also a learning curve. 

Less trees made the forest more open, I liked the way the distant trees looked, but decided to go with my original design and add more trees after all. 

This was the night time version of the scene used in the pitch. This is when the transformation of the character takes place. It was also interesting turning the scene into night, I didn't get it exactly how I wanted but I think I know a better way of achieving a night time scene for next time. 

For the final image I put a watercolour paper texture on top. I like to see the difference a soft texture gives to the overall look of the piece. I liked the texture as it kept the traditional look I wanted as I intended my film to be done in traditional 2D animation.