Thursday, 14 March 2013

Three 1 week projects

For this project we had three one week projects which included a project where we had to recreate a character from a child's drawing, create a character image inspired by a specific outfit, and to create a character from objects found in the local museum. 

Doing an adaptation of a child's drawing was my favorite out of the three one week projects. The children's imagination is inspiring and the character bio's nothing like you have ever read before. My characters were an alien called Vicious Victor, and a two headed dragon.

The second project where we had to create a character around an outfit. I went with a 1930's outfit, and a crazy fantasy high fashion runway outfit. I decided to do the 1930's style outfit in black and white to fit the colour and theme of the reference and give a vintage feel. I used textures on both outfits to create the look of different fabrics from fur to lace. Doing this project made me think about how clothes hang and rely on strong poses and construction underneath.

For the third of the one week projects, we had to find an object in the local museum and make a character concept from them. I ended up with an owl make of shells, and a metal ornament of a bear. From these I took elements and merged them together for my final character concept.

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