Monday, 20 May 2013


I am assigned to help Amber with her film for the glammies, in which by the time of the Glammies I have to do as many backgrounds as I can. Her film is set with native americans, and this is the original rough layout I was given for the first scene. 

We spent a long time in deciding the look of the backgrounds so spent lots of time discussing style, colour,  and texture.  

This was the first adaptation from the original layout that I did for the opening scene. From this we made various variations in order to get the positioning of everything right. We moved the canyon up, stretched the trees twice, altered the original shapes, and added texture.

After much deliberation we decided to go in a different direction, and I wanted to move away from the cut out look and make the overall feel of the backgrounds more earthy, and not so flat. We changed the designs of the trees and the following background took alot of time because I learned a new way of creating in photoshop. I learned new brushes, and what worked and didn't work to create what I wanted. It was a huge learning curve that inspired the rest of my work. 

From this I took it further and stepped even further away from the original cut out style and added shadow, softened edges, and added brushes to ground the canyon. 

From this I created another two backgrounds.

I am disappointed I didn't get more backgrounds done in the time. This was due to trouble balancing projects, and time taken for each background created. Although I didn't get as much done by this point as I wanted, I learned alot from this project. But luckily there are still just under two weeks left so it looks like I will be getting background crazy!

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