Thursday, 20 February 2014

Character Design Update and News!


From the last designs I did I went back to my own style. I kept the shapes and trued to keep the lines fluid. (please excuse my random notes)

I then took my favourite, and design that to me reminding me the most of Mary, and coloured it up. 

From this I made variations within the colour of the design. I am still unsure if I will go with the black or coloured line, which is why I did variations with both. 

With these variations I added detail to see if it would add or distract the design. I also went back to experimenting with line colour and made the dark brown lighter, and also more pink like. Out of the line variations I liked the pinker line for the skin, however the dark lines on the face lend the look to that of 1961's 101 Dalmatians.


Today has also been the start of a collaboration with some Games Art students, where I will be doing concept work for their given project. The team I have been put with want Medieval style props and buildings, so the work will be very different as it's in a realistic style. It will be nice doing something completely different to this current project and being able to switch between the two. So don't be confused if Photoshop paint ups of random thatched houses and medieval market stools appear soon!

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