Thursday, 27 February 2014

Colour Crazy

Now that one characters design is finalised, it's time to move onto the other main character. Patrick's design was, like Mary, taken from the original quick loose designs.  (see February 13th). After drawing out a few of them, it becomes clear which ones are easy to adapt and take into a different style. This was the design I chose in the end. For the colour variations I chose to do plain, and typical "old man jumper" colours. I couldn't make him as bright as I did with Mary because his character doesn't permit it. He is supposed to look drained, and tired, the common effects of being an Alzheimer carer for a loved one. Often carers can be less physically fit than the person they are caring for. This is due to the years of emotional, physical, and mental strain it takes upon the carers health. This problem is common and affects older couples in particular. 

At this point in the design process I am still unsure which style to go for. The style in this case determining the colour of the line. Black gives a very classic, and raw style, where as the coloured line gives a softer, and is generally more stylistic where the style will be relying on the designs themselves. 

The next stage will be seeing the colours together to determine what works for the characters as a pair. 


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