Monday, 3 March 2014


Decisions on the colouring of the two characters was harder than expected! However many discussions and opinions from around the room later and finally a decision was made. The reasoning was done by labeling as we went along each design.

The top left design was too close to the Fairy Godmother in Disney's Cinderella because of the blue and short voluminous white hair. The bottom left green design was too sad looking, the colours were too depressing for a character that is still bright and cheerful. The lavender was nice, but very typical colour for an old lady. The lemon and pink was too much colour, and a lemon two piece again is seen as a very typical old lady colour. I felt the two different colours looked too casual. The first pink was also nice, which lead me to try the second pinks in a rose colour. I decided to go with this design because it was feminine, stylish, and the right balance of formal and casual. This was a good and fair representation of the character. I didn't want a character full of innocence, and to look socially detached. To not be seen as returning to a child like state, but give a sense of presence and reality that an Alzheimers victim is still a person, in Mary's case, a fully grown women.

For finding the colour variation that will compliment Mary's character and the two characters as a couple, I did the same process. The grey was too bland and too desaturated. The green was too harsh against the rose pink as it was too dark, and any lighter would be a very typical 'grandad' green. The burgundy red was also a nice design, but couldn't work with Mary's rose colouring as it was too similar.  The blue also worked, but I was too aware that Mary was pink and go Patrick being in blue was very gender stereotypical. (Pink for girls, blue for boys.)  

In the end I decided upon the wool coloured jumper. It desaturated, but still hold colour, with a tired and safe feel. Now the two were decided, it's time to go onto some expressions!

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