Thursday, 27 March 2014

The Beginnings of Something

Posting from my phone. . Technology is amazing. Also, it's explaining the screen in thw quality of the photo. Not great quality but that's ok! It's only a preview..

Currently painting up this scene, I hope you can guess the light is explaining the time of day across the scene going from sunrise to moonlight.  This piece will hopefully be used as part of my corporate image, demonstrating what I love, and what I can do with a touch of personality. I'm not a loud person, or too outgoing, I have a passion for the traditional and my skills reflect that within my digital work,  so I soft forest scape fits with me personally. Summing myself up by creating an Ultimate Image is done as part of a business module within my degree. This is the start to mine.

Check back for how this develops as part of my corporate image!

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