Friday, 20 May 2016

It's Deco Darling

The past few months have been a start to an exploration of my own personal style with challenges from the Make Art That Sells course. Each month I have a new topic, explore it and then get given the brief for the end result piece. For a first one the topic was "1920s hair and makeup". Of course I enjoyed that very much and got straight in drawing characters, here are a few of the ladies I sketched up. For some reason they all seem to have an attitude. 
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It took a while to get the steady hand back but in the end it wasn't bad for a short exploration. It was these ladies that lead me to experiment with the way I used line in my work. Line thickness was something I'll admit I would skip over, and followers of my work know I was a one pen to ink all person. Now I'm finding just how a little change in thickness can give the work more of a finished look which I hope to translate digitally later.

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