Sunday, 12 June 2016


Hi all, I do have an Instagram which I post to as regularly as I can.  Although I've had it for a while I've only recently starting posting but its up and running, most updates are between a week and every other day. So if you want more updates or want less reading to do, give me a follow! 
Your support for my artwork is much appreciated.

Project Peruvian

My newest project is themes around the animal Vicuna which for anyone who doesn't know who they are, is a fancy llama. So it was everything vicuna and peruvian for the next few weeks. I started off with some sketches which need colour. How I'm going to tackle the colour is undecided yet.

Ive also this week attached a short video which I took whilst inking. I plan to do more in the future and of the fuller process but for now we are with very amateur filming.


A Chilled Sunday

Last sunday I was able to enjoy the small bit of British sunshine sat in my garden drawing is my kind of perfect afternoon. Especially if theres a bbq. Last weekend there was, sunshine, good food and wine was flowing. which is much to the contrast of right now where the rain is strong.

While enjoying the garden I also got to enjoy our fish. My family are big fish lovers in both ownership and cuisine. Currently my father has left a pond at every house he's ever lived in, and has two tropical fish tanks, one salt water, and a pond built up almost 5ft from the ground which looks like a large jacuzzi. I told you we like fish. In the large outdoor pond he keeps goldfish and koi. Watching them swim around in the sun is so calming and I had the sound of the fountain aerating the water all day. So in the end, I had to draw them!

It was MerMay!

The internet got taken over with mermaids for MerMay. I was admiring them all so much that I wanted to do my own. I would of liked to of squeezed time to have done more of them through the whole month but these were what I managed to do. From all those beards came the long flowing hair. So much hair!

The Finished Ornament Graphic

Loving Beards

From the header I've been doing a project with a lot of hair! Beards to be exact. I never knew they could be so fun to illustrate as this project allowed me to hone in my style when working with hair.The theme was lumberjacks. I was asked to do the lumberjack theme for a pack of ornaments preferably for the christmas market.

I was slightly low for time on this project due to other commitments so I didn't have time to explore too much and make as many roughs as I normally like before the finish. This one was not only a challenge because of the amount of beards but also because I do favour towards drawing women and have very rarely drawn men.

Within the set I included not just the faces but also some extras so give a concice theme. The development of how I was drawing hair continues to grow through the project. After a lot of line work I went onto taking it into Illustrator to sharpen and give a neatness for the final image.

When it came to carrying the drawing into digital Ive been keeping the same weights as I do traditionally. I feel that gives all my work a uniformity to my style whether the final is presented or sold as a traditional piece, a print or for applying it to products.

So the finished line work is ready and despite there being a lot of pen tool milage I still found the best way to achieve the hair was to draw it freehand on the tablet. Had lots of fun making these and happy how the design transferred from sketchbook to digital. 

The Finished Book

The finished book cover is here for the Deco Darlings colouring book mock up. It was a lot of line work but I am pretty proud of the result. The only down side is my colours weren't quite configured the way I thought they were, and when I painted them in they weren't quite as bright as they appear in the final version. It will be a bit of trial and error to get that right in the future and as I'm not an overly techy person I don't know any way around it. Any suggestions or help please comment, it would be much appreciated!